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Happy Easter from Prague

7 Apr

Easter is yet another tradition filled holiday in the Czech Republic. The picture above is but one of the many Easter markets around the city. This little square is a favourite of mine. The name of the square is Namesti Miru- translated as the square of peace.
One of the most notorious traditions is the ‘beating’ of the women and young girls on Easter Monday. A lot more dramatic than it sounds. Please let me add right here that the Czech Republic does not advocate the beating of women! The pomlázka, which is a whip braided from young twigs and decorated with coloured streamers, is used by men and boys to symbolically beat women on the legs to keep them young and fresh. Pomlázka, (from pomladit or “make younger”

The pomlázka

The tradition is till practiced although mainly in villages and small towns. Although the romanticism may have been somewhat lost down the ages it is done mainly for fun. The reward for the beating is usually in some form alcohol like plum brandy or slivovice so that during the afternoon many happy men can be seen around the streets.
A more docile tradition is the painting of eggs. Eggs bought for this purpose have two holes made in them and the inside blown out. They are then hand painted and dried then hung up as Easter decoration.
A lamb is another tradition and now in supermarkets lamb cakes decorated in white or chocolate frosting can be seen. However, many Czech Traditions are related to Springs and beautiful foral arrangements decorated with toy chicks and bunnies can be seen everywhere.

An Easter display in a shopping centre

I love the Easter markets. Apart from lovely Easter things to buy there is great food! You can smell the aroma of roasting pork enticing you to stop by.

The Easter market stalls

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Happy Easter.
I wish you all a very Happy Easter. Be safe.