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Matchmaker …….

28 Mar


Welcome to Lady Deidre on today’s GSP Fireflies Promo.

About herself she say’s My passions include God, family, and writing. When I’m not playing with my grand-babies, I’m writing newspaper articles, short stories, or working on my trilogy in the hopes of being a novelist some day.”

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Her book that we are highlighting today is Matchmaker.


When Alex stops into an antique store for a simple gift, he discovers the owner, Cindy Lee, keeps a creepy apparition as a sidekick. Wanting to make a quick exit from the ghoulish shop, Alex heads for the door, but soon finds the giant spirit has other plans for him.


“Don’t mind Henry, I think he’s just clumsy today,” the perky brunette chimed.

The customer glanced around the antique shop looking for an individual, but found no one. “Who are you referring to?”

She pointed behind him, down a narrow lane, to a small toy section. A row of soldiers, along the top shelf, clattered to the floor. “There,” she said as they tumbled.

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His head jerked so hard toward the falling toys, that he almost lost his wire rimmed glasses. “I . . . still don’t see anyone,” he said with concern. “How . . . did those soldiers . . . fall?” he stammered.

“Oh,” she smiled. “You’re one of those.”

He turned to stare at her with his brow crinkled in confusion. “What does that mean, exactly?”

“Not everyone can see Henry,” her smile widened. “He’s a peculiar spirit.”

“I’ve never encountered . . .” he cleared his throat as he peered down the aisle, closely searching for any sign of existence, “a ghost before.”

She waved a hand, “No need to worry, he won’t attack you.” To be honest, she wasn’t sure what Henry was capable of. Sometimes she could sense his aggravation if he perceived a threat to her, but that didn’t occur often.

“Attack.” He jerked his head back toward her. “I hadn’t even thought of that.” His eyes darted back to the fallen soldiers scattered across the old wood floor. “How can you be certain?”

“Well, Mister—what did you say your name was?”

“I didn’t.” He extended his hand politely. “I’m Alex.”

She grasped his narrow hand with a firm grip and squeezed hard. “Cindy Lee. It’s nice to meet you,” she said with great enthusiasm.

Alex removed his hand and rubbed his numb fingers for a moment. “Likewise,” he countered uncertainly.

When the phone shrilled from the service counter near the exit, Cindy Lee replied, “Excuse me, Alex. I have to get that, but I’ll be back to answer any questions you have.” She trotted to the front of the shop—in a hurry to answer the phone.

Alex stared at the fallen soldiers and mumbled, “She must be delusional,” as if that answered everything. He decided to move away from the antique toys. If ghosts really existed, he had no interest in seeing one firsthand.


The Sainthood Ghost….

29 Oct

Today we welcome Lady Deidre to the GSP Halloween Promo. What she says about herself:
My passions include God, family, and writing. When I’m not playing with my grand-babies, I’m writing newspaper articles, short stories, or working on my trilogy in the hopes of being a novelist some day.
Her book that we are featuring today is The Sainthood Ghost.

When Bella inserts a horror flick into the DVD player, she soon discovers her apartment is being haunted by the sainthood ghost. Tossing the movie jacket into the corridor to rid herself of the problem, only leaves the hallway in danger. Jake, long time friend, comes up with an idea to get rid of the ghost forever.


The Sainthood Ghost
     She sat huddled on her divan, engrossed in a movie, when the doorbell rang. A frightened Bella yelped, “Son-of-a-ratfink!” as she scrambled for the remote. She clicked off the TV before striding toward the door in her pink flannel pajamas calling, “Who is it?”
     “It’s Jake. Let me in, Bella,” he called, jiggling the doorknob impatiently.
     She swung the door wide, “You scared the crap out of me, dick,” she stated, although she was pleased to see him.
     “I just rang the doorbell,” he said, striding in the living room with a large pizza box. “Besides, you knew I was coming over.”
     “Well, to tell you the truth, just before the doorbell rang the flick I was watching jumped into the horror lane.”
     “That’s why people read the movie jackets, Bella,” he reminded her as he slid the pizza onto the coffee table. “What possessed you to start the movie without me anyway?”
     Bella started to explain when a loud crash exploded from the interior of her bedroom. They both craned their necks toward the intrusive noise and then stared at one another blankly.
     “We better go see,” she finally spoke. She hurried off to investigate with Jake hard on her heels. She examined her neon pink room for a moment before spotting the problem, “My picture fell.”
     “Hmm, that’s weird,” Jake commented casually as she hung the picture back on the wall. “Perhaps, you need a new pink wall hanger,” he smirked.
     “No,” Bella said, standing back to gaze at the photo of Christ. “It’s fine.”
     “It fell for a reason. My guess is the picture leaped to its death to get away from these obnoxious pink surroundings,” he jested.
     She rolled her eyes at him. “Very funny.”
     “Let’s face it, you couldn’t cram another pink object into your hovel if you tried. I’m starved, pinky,” Jake said, heading back to the living room to eat. He plopped down on the white divan in front of his pizza box. He noticed the movie jacket. “Is this what you were watching?” He held it up.
     “Yes,” Bella nodded as she eased down on the divan next to him. “A friend loaned me the movie. She said I would enjoy it because it was a Christian flick.”
     Jake laughed. “She lied. It’s about a gang of evil men called the Sainthoods who go on a killing spree.”
     Bella shivered. “Really, the men appeared handsome and good, but then suddenly this stabbing scene popped me in the eye from nowhere. Freaked me out,” she admitted.
     Jake smiled. “Apparently, you didn’t watch much of the movie because those so-called good men are the knife welders.”
     “That’s just creepy. I hope I don’t have nightmares.”
     Jake opened his pizza box to view the contents. “What’s interesting is that your picture sprang from the wall just after you started the movie,” he commented as he scooped out a large slice.
     “It’s frightening,” she said, leaning over the edge of her divan to peer at her bedroom doorway. The silhouette of a milky white ghostly figure stood watching her. She screamed at the top of her lungs and clutched her pajama collar tightly about her neck from fright.
     Jake dropped his slice of pizza in his lap. “What the . . .”
     “There was a ghost standing in the doorway!” a frightened Bella shouted.

Her book is avaible at this link: