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Jacob and the Gnome….

14 Mar


Today on the GSP Fireflies Promo we welcome Joel Plue.


Joel Plue is a Producer/Writer whose work includes Silent But Deadly, starring Jason Mewes, William Sadler and Jordan Prentice; as well as Mineville, starring Paul Sorvino, William Sadler and ABC’s Nick Wechsler. Joel has appeared on several National Television shows such as MTV’s TRL, Nick News, Hardcopy and Talk Soup. Joel is the CEO and Founder of Plue Entertainment, Inc., an independent production company/distributor which will be producing The Fallen Kingdom and Antarctica.

His book that we are highlighting today is Jacob and the Gnome.


Every night before she tucks young Jacob into bed, his mother reads to Jacob from a peculiar book of fairytale creatures. While listening to the stories Jacob will truly part the text and go on many adventures with his newfound fairytale friends on a quest to find the land of the Dragon King.




The Garden Gnomes,” Jacob’s mother began, reading aloud from a most peculiar book of fairy tales.

“Gnomes?” asked Jacob.

His mother continued, “Garden gnomes are known to be very sneaky, pesky little creatures. They spend their time tending to gardens and playing tricks on helpless human beings.”

His mother read on until Jacob slowly drifted off to sleep. She carefully placed the book on the bedside table, pulled the blankets gently around her son and then bent to kiss him softly on the forehead. At the door, she reached to turn down the lights and paused sadly to look about Jacob’s room, making note of the various medical equipment sustaining her son’s life. She quietly exited the room, leaving the door open to hear him in case he needed her in the night.

Jacob’s mother walked to the kitchen where her husband sat at the table, staring blankly into his cup of coffee. She placed her hand comfortingly on his shoulder. Looking up with tear-filled eyes, he spoke in a low tone, “I can’t believe his illness has progressed this quickly.”

Jacob’s parents continued to talk softly to one another. Their voices trailed off through the hallway and into Jacob’s room where the boy lay asleep in his bed.

Suddenly, Jacob’s eyes opened. Had he heard something? He was astonished to see a little garden gnome standing at his window, looking in at him. Unable to believe his eyes, Jacob closed them tightly. When he reopened them, the gnome was no longer there. Feeling relieved with the thought that it was just his mind playing tricks on him, Jacob leaned back against his pillow, staring up at the ceiling.

Moments later, tiny footsteps scurried across the bedroom floor. Jacob squinted about the darkened room, focusing on the foot of the bed. The little gnome he’d seen at the window was now standing there, staring him directly in the face. Startled, Jacob let out a yell. The gnome quickly retreated under the bed. Jacob looked around the room, wondering why his parents hadn’t come running in to check on him.

After hesitating for a moment, Jacob cautiously looked under his bed and to his relief, saw no sign of the creature. Jacob raised back up, moving to the center of the bed. Almost immediately, he felt a tapping on his shoulder, followed by the small, high-pitched voice of the gnome. “Um . . . excuse me.”