Author of the Week: Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

24 Mar

Congratulations to GSP Author of the Week: Elizabeth Ann Scarborough.

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Of herself she says: ‘You may know me best as a long-time collaborator with the great Dragonlady of Pern, Anne McCaffrey. However,  I’ve been writing professionally (about fantasy and the future) for the last 32 years, including 22 solo novels and a number of collections of short stories I’ve written for over 50 anthologies, most with Martin H. Greenberg and associates at Tekno Books.  I’ve also edited several anthologies, including Space Opera, with Anne McCaffrey and Warrior Princesses. My book The Healer’s War won the 1989 Nebula award for best novel.


Over the years, I have worked with many of the major publishers, starting with Bantam, on to Doubleday, then Ace/Berkley which became Putnam/Penguin, took a slight detour to Harper Collins with the Acorna books and then back to Random House/ Del Rey to write more books with Anne McCaffrey.


In the last three years all of my solo books have been made into e-books with the assistance of Gypsy Shadow Publishers, I’ve written two new novels and a novelette in the Spam the Cat purrnormal mysteries, Spam vs. the Vampire, Father Christmas, and The Tour Bus of Doom. Three of my solo books, The Healer’s War, Nothing Sacred and Last Refuge have also become audio books from Most recently I’m working on a graphic novel with Karen Gillmore, who also has created the new covers for most of my books (and she’s working on the others).

Please watch this space during the week for other releases from this author.


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