GSP Author of the Week: Teel James Glenn

6 Jan

Congratulations to GSP Author of the Week: Teel James Glenn.

Teel James Glenn


A native of Brooklyn, he’s traveled the world for thirty years as a Stuntman/ Fight choreographer/ Swordmaster, Jouster, Book Illustrator, Storyteller, Author, Bodyguard and Actor. He’s over two dozen books contracted and in print and sold poetry to T-Zero, Athena Sidhe, Blazing Adventures, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly and others.

He has choreographed action for over 300 plays, 50 Renaissance Faires and 60 films.

His greatest achievement however, is his awesome daughter Aislin Rose.


Learn more about Teel here:

Teel’s Blog:


Twitter: Teel James Glenn 


Congratulations, Teel, for your Short Story collection Of Swords and Sorcery, in the top ten finalists of the 2010 Preditors and Editors Readers Poll!

Watch this space for Teel’s GSP releases.

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