The Eternal…

30 Oct

A GSP release from Author of the Week: Shiloh Darke.



 Shameer and his brother Colin never wanted to be heroes. Cursed by a witch, Shameer suffers the bloodlust that only vampires know. His brother suffers a similar, yet different fate. Inducted into a collective known to precious few as The Order of Eternals, they try to use their abilities to protect the innocent.

     When he happens upon Jessica, Shameer experiences emotions he had long denied himself. Lost in her eyes, he yearns for a fate far different from the one he has accepted. Denying his heart and desires, he vows to walk away from her.

     But evil watches from the shadows. It creeps ever nearer, waiting for it’s chance to devour and destroy the brothers. Avenging itself on those they love. Soon, they discover themselves fighting not only to find freedom from an old enemy. But also, to hold on to the loves that they have deemed, their destiny.


 Standing in front of the mirror, Jessica wet her hands in the sink, and then used one to dampen her forehead and the back of her neck. When she stood again to her full height, she stared into the mirror’s depths, close to tears. It’s just in my head, it is just my imagination, she told herself. This was not one of her premonitions! She was just imagining things from that crazy dream. He just resembled the man in her dreams. That wasn’t Shameer. It couldn’t have been. There was no way humanly possible. Shameer was a vampire, and vampires didn’t exist.

    ” There is no reason for you to act so stupid,”  she scolded herself aloud. ” He’s just another pretty face.”  he nodded at her reflection in the mirror, trying to believe what she said. ” Yeah, that’s it. Just another completely, surreally gorgeous man, probably out looking to get laid.”

    ” Excuse me?”  the deep, slightly accented voice said to her, touching her soul like a gentle breeze, but shocking her nonetheless. She turned so fast she lost her balance and would have slipped on the hard floor, had his hands not caught and steadied her.

    He held her, remaining close to her even after she had regained her footing. Once again, they looked into each other’s eyes, feelings rushed unbidden between them. ” My dear, are you all right?”  he asked softly, holding her to him, almost as though afraid to let her go.

    She flicked her tongue across her dry lips as she nodded, afraid to attempt speech. Unexpected heat coiled through her as she stood locked in his arms. Images of her dream floated once more through her mind. They moved through her like a whirlwind, turning into a shudder. Her breath escaped her as she felt his hand running through her hair.

    Longing filled her at the feel of his other hand touching her cheek. She tilted her head back, closing her eyes.

    His eyes moved to the exposed column of her neck. The vein pulsed, open to him. He could take her; it would be easy; he could feel the beating of her heart like a drum with his own. It would be so easy.

    He gently leaned toward her and placed a soft kiss at the base of her throat, before turning and mumbling a hasty, ” I’m sorry,”  as he moved away from her and back through the doorway of the lavatory, leaving her once again, alone.

    Opening her eyes, she stared at the empty doorway, confused, surprised―and disappointed; so terribly disappointed. Her hand went to the spot on her throat where he had kissed her. She felt the pulse beneath her fingers. Shaking her head, she looked back at her reflection, eyes going to her neck, checking. ” Oh, now I know I am crazy,”  she said to the mirror, cursing at herself for being so stupid.



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