The Yellow Rose….

24 Oct

Another release from Author of the Week: Dawn Colclasure.



One day a gardener living on a tiny island discovers a surprise growing in his garden: A beautiful yellow rose that will never die. Every day he takes care of this perfect rose until men from a big city come to the island and convince the gardener to share the rose with the world. The men become very rich while the yellow rose becomes very weak. The greedy men want to destroy the rose since it can’t make them anymore money. Can the gardener save the special rose that he loves so much?


“Hooray! A new day is here to work in my garden!” a gardener living on a tiny island cried out with joy one morning. The sun woke him up, and he’d just finished eating all of his breakfast.
     He got all of his gardening tools and went outside of his small hut to where all of his flowers, plants and fruit trees grew.
     He knelt down in one spot of his garden where he grew flowers. He used a small shovel to move soil away from the ground. He opened his hand and dropped seeds into the hole he had made. He covered up the hole with the soil. “That should do it!” he said, patting the soil down onto the ground. “Now you are at home!”
     He stood from the ground and walked through his colorful garden. He ran his hand through his black hair, looking up at the sun shining in the sky. What good weather for his plants to be growing in!
     He looked back down at his flowers. He checked on his many lilies, begonias, tulips and daisies. Every flower was safe and looked very healthy.



One Response to “The Yellow Rose….”

  1. Dawn Colclasure October 28, 2013 at 6:09 pm #

    Thank you for featuring this book, Anne. This is my first children’s book! So excited that GSP published it.

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