Taking up the Runes…

17 Oct

Another GSP release from Author of the Week: P.J. Caiden


Poetry and divination meet in this small but power-packed volume: Taking Up The Runes ascribes a thought-provoking haiku poem to each of the ancient runic symbols; Both upright and reversed runes are represented here in the spirit of the runic tradition. Each rune is also followed by a short divinatory meaning, making this book useful for quick rune casting. Whether you are interested in the runes or just in reading well-crafted haiku poetry; Taking up The Runes will satisfy your need.



Like the rising sun
Fehu ablaze showers wealth
blessings are bestowed.

Divinatory meaning—With Fehu comes the circulation of wealth. Be on the lookout for unexpected blessings and golden opportunities.

Fehu reversed

Blessings spill away
the ground yields not its fruit
dry seasons begin.

Divinatory meaning—Fehu reversed warns of loss and poverty. Be care-ful who you enter into partnerships with. Most times, wealth is lost through dishonest deals. Use wisdom in all business ventures and plant your crops at the proper time. In doing this, you will fortify yourself against possible loss.


Strength and health restored
runic shield for the soul
restoration comes.

Divinatory meaning—Uruz is the rune of strength and health. It heralds a time of restoration, protection and healing.





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