Author of the Week – Stanley Bruce Carter….

7 Oct

Congratulation to GSP Author of the Week: Stanley Bruce Carter.



 Stan Carter lives in Bellevue, Nebraska. He has been in the newspaper business for nearly 30 years, serving as a reporter, copy editor, columnist and typesetter at various publications. He currently is a paginator with the Omaha World-Herald.

Of himself, he says:

 I remember as a kid sitting at my father’s Olympia typewriter and writing novels. They weren’t manuscripts that I intended to submit to a publisher; they were finished books. It was kind of like building model airplanes or sailing ships; I didn’t intend to do anything with them once they were done, I just wanted to make them. I didn’t even care if anyone read them (I think my sister might have read them but I’m not sure.) The covers were manilla folders and I drew the cover art and wrote the blurbs. Kind of a weird thing to do, but I guess I just had an urge to do it. In later years, when I tried to write for actual publication, I stuck with short stories for a long time, figuring novels were just too daunting a task. I got a few acceptances, from tiny publications that no longer exist, although I almost got into Dragon Magazine and Pulphouse. One of the magazines that accepted my work was literally tiny; the entire magazine was the size of a matchbook and they were sold out of a bowl on a counter of some store somewhere in North Carolina, I think! My story was called “Fwum, Fwum, Fwum,” but they didn’t have room for the entire title, so they changed it to “Fwum, Fwum.” One day I was writing a story and just decided to keep going, and that became my first real novel. I wrote about a dozen novels and they were all rejected by the big time agents/publishers, and then I finally changed tactics. I wrote a novel with a female protagonist — since most novel readers are women and I figured that would increase my chances of success — and I submitted to an e-publisher for the first time, Gypsy Shadow. And that was the beginning of what may someday be a notable literary career. One of my main motives for writing these days (besides that basic urge to create, and the desire to be rich and famous) is to show people I’m not just some creepy old loser with Asperger’s Syndrome. To paraphrase Harold Abrahams from Chariots of Fire, I want to “write them off their feet.” As for which books I would most like blogged, I’d say (1) “Petchy Maligula” (although I hate the first sentence and I wish I could write it over), and (2) “The Caskian Scandal” (although there’s a big mistake early in the book that I wish I had caught), and (3) my latest, “Kill My Husband.”

  • Watch this space during the week for three of his GSP releases.

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