Author of the Week: Denise Bartlett

30 Sep

Congratulations to  GSP Author of the Week our very own Denise Bartlett. Author, editor and part of the dynamic duo behind Gypsy Shadow Publishing



Denise Bartlett began writing short stories when she was nine. Pen and paper gave way to word processors and typing, printing, reading and perfecting. A dreamer, she has always searched for deeper meaning and more vivid experiences in her everyday life. From hypnosis, training with mystics and spiritual people of many walks to tax preparation and gardening, her interests vary widely. The thread that runs through her life is imagination. Denise has written a variety of poetry, short stories and novelettes, as well as columns and articles on gardening and income taxes. Her website is and her email She’d love to hear from you.

 Congrats to Denise for being in the top ten book/eBook editors in the
Preditors and Editors Readers Poll, 2011.



Of herself Denise says:

From the time I was a little kid, my mind and life were filled with stories. My mother as a great storyteller, especially at Halloween and I loved books from the beginning. Mother would read to us and books were my entertainment when I wasn’t running all over the neighborhood with my friends, creating stories and songs on the fly.

I began to write those stories down and fed on the encouragement from friends and teachers. I’ve had articles published, columns on gardening and taxes, I’ve written poetry, short stories and a novel.

I love the written word and love working with writers on their craft.

Please watch for books that will follow this post .

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