Author of the Week – Violetta Antcliff

23 Sep

Congratulations to Violetta Antcliff on being GSP Author of the week! 🙂


Violetta shares with us today how she started writing. Be sure to watch during the week for her book postings.

My name is Violetta Antcliff.

My writing career started when I bought a portable typewriter and a bottle of Tippex.

My first book, Postings Packing and Quarters, took over two years to write it was an autobiography intended for my family’s eyes 

Then came the first of my Jason stories, ‘Jason and the Corner Shop Mystery’ and it was also around this time I realised I’d been bitten by the ‘Writing Bug’ I knew urgent measures had to be taken so I joined the Nottingham Writers’Club. I entered competitions, at first without much success, but eventually I hit gold with a story called ‘Irish Mouse Tales’. I submitted this to a short story competition run by Nottingham County Council and was awarded a cheque for £100 which I cashed immediately (just in case they found they’d made a mistake and asked for it back)I spent the money on a pearl necklace.

After that there was no stopping me,I entered every competition going, Jason won me a day with the Police, lunch included, plus a photograph in the Nottingham Evening Post. This was followed by two competition wins on Radio Nottingham, stories broadcast on local radio and poetry on Radio Derby. By this time I was riding high and entered, a Waterstone’s WOW factor story for children competition, which was area short listed, so when a member of the Writers’ Club suggested I should send one of my stories to an eBook publisher I did just that. Jason once again came out of cold storage and was accepted. I am now one of Gypsy Shadow Publishers’ authors and series one of ‘The Adventures of Jason Foster’ is out in paperback.

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