Author of the Week: Teel James Glenn

9 Sep

Congratulations to Teel James Glenn on being Author of the Week! 🙂


Of himself he says:

I was born in Brooklyn though I’ve traveled the world for thirty-five years as a stuntman, fight choreographer, swordmaster, jouster, book illustrator, storyteller, bodyguard, and actor. One of the things I’m proudest of is having studied under Errol Flynn’s last stunt doubles and continue to teach swordwork in New York.

I have had short stories published in Weird Tales, Mad, Black Belt, Fantasy Tales, Pulp Empire, Sixgun Western, Fantasy World Geographic, Silver Blade Quarterly, Another Realm, AfterburnSF, Blazing Adventures and scores of other publications.

I have over two score books currently on the market including My collection of poetry Hymns for the Battlecrow, the collection Of Swords & Sorcery and the thriller “Mystery of Wolf Island” with Gypsy Shadow.

I was the Winner of the 2012 Pulp Ark ‘Best Author of the Year.’ Epic ebook award finalist. P&E winner “Best Steampunk Short”, a P & E finalist for “Best Fantasy short, Collection( for Of S & S)”


On stage I’ve performed at 53 Renaissance Faires and on screen I have been in several dozen genre films and TV series including Citizen Toxie (as fight choreographer and Toxie’s double), Spenser for Hire, Lord of the Strings, Spiderbabe, and all the New York soap operas but am known most widely as Vega in the world wide web series “Street Fighter: the later years.” Needless to say all my sword swinging at on stage and screen go into my written work.

My website is


Please watch this blog during the week for excerpts from his GSP releases.

Well done Teel.

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