Behind the Gem…

3 Sep

Author of the week Ken Hart’s GSP release.

A reader’s review from Amazon:

The story is entertaining from cover to cover. Raymond and his alien pregnancies was hilarious, especially when he argues with the telepathic baby in him. The bittersweet ending had me in tears, but I was happy for Raymond because he found love and happiness in the face of multiple tragedies. I hope the author has another installment. 

We hope so too!



Ripped from heart and home by galactic farmers, Ray and his co-workers are taken hundreds of light years across the galaxy and left to fend for themselves. When he begins hearing a voice in his head and is unjustly blamed for the deaths of his friends, he is separated from them by a mysterious silver pod and is led to a peaceful race of aliens called the Draasen. He experiences a new way of life with responsibilities and challenges that he never could have imagined. He is accepted into their society, but at a high cost to his dignity when he is led into protecting and birthing their eggs. When the galactic farmers arrive to take the Draasen population as fodder, the Draasen’s fate becomes entwined with that of the nearly extinct human race, and their struggle to survive.



     In deep space, an exploration probe materialized out of the blackness. A star plot of all visible pulsars showed many of them closely matched the distances to the nearby star, based on the radiating image shown on an alien gold plaque stored in memory. When it scanned the region, the only planetary system within range had nine planets, matching the image of the gold plaque. Scans of the third planet revealed it had an atmospheric composition closely matching what was stored in memory. Comparisons of the planet being viewed to images stored in memory indicated a ninety-seven percent probability of being correct. The probe accelerated toward the third planet at near light speed.
     As the probe slowed to penetrate the dense atmosphere, it scanned the surface of the planet. When sensors indicated millions of life forms, a small pod bubbled out and dropped to the ground. Floating in a stand of trees, the pod singled out a life form and compared it to the images on the gold plaque. Calculations indicated it had the correct configuration, and the pod moved slowly toward it.

     Tanner Watson was awakened by a very early telephone call. He was told to report to the White House immediately, to meet with the president some time that morning. Although this annoyed him, when the Chief Advisor from the Office of Science and Technology was summoned by the president, he had to show up.
     Just before dawn, Tanner arrived at the White House. Other than the secret service agents and the kitchen staff, there was no one around. After reporting in, he left his briefcase in his office and took a walk outside. The cool, early morning air was refreshing in the solitude of the floodlit garden, but as he paused near a fountain he felt his hair stand on end. As he absently tried to smooth it, his hair sparked and crackled with static electricity. Suddenly alert, he turned and saw a silver, egg-shaped object floating near him. Startled, he backed away, but it slowly followed him, stopping at the edge of the fountain. He watched in amazement as fragile looking manipulator arms extended from the shell, holding a sizeable object out to him.
     Tanner slowly reached out and gently pulled the object from the manipulator arms, and quickly backed up. The arms silently retracted into the silver shell, and it shot into the air.
     “Nobody’s going believe this,” he mumbled, looking up but the silver thing had disappeared from sight. In a daze, Tanner returned to his office and saw he had been given an oversize book written in English.
     “This has to be a joke,” he said, looking around. “Okay, you got me. Ha, ha, very funny.”
     Fully expecting someone to try and surprise him, he checked his closet and under his desk. Secret service agents were the only ones in the hallway and he knew they were too serious to be involved in any kind of joke.
     Still holding the book, he sat in his chair, wondering what to do. Curiosity got the better of him. He opened the book, and began to read.  




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