Words from a Mother’s Heart…

12 May

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful Mums out there. Next up on the GSP Bard’s Worlds promo is Laurie Lerner.



Laurie Lerner has been putting words on paper and writing since she can remember. The idea of her book grew out of need when she adopted her son who was diagnosed at birth with “special needs.” This was a vehicle to let her soul have a voice and a tangible way to represent her journey. Laurie holds a Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling and is licensed in the State of Florida. She has worked for many years as a Family Therapist. She currently seeks publication of her first book and hopes to become a successful writer. Laurie is a single mother and currently lives in Plantation, Florida with her son, Adam.

Her book we are highlighting today is Words from a Mother’s Heart.


A spiritual and emotional journey from a mother’s perspective, focusing on the ups and downs of raising a “special needs” child. No emotion is left unchartered or is too raw to write about. No question or reaction is off-limits. These are true uncensored passages written in the anguish of despair, the turmoil of uncertainty, and the relief of never-ending love for a child throughout his years. A look at mental illness, adoption and the term “special needs” as it relates to raising a child into his teenage years. This book is a gift if you have open eyes, a companion if you have a heavy heart, and a cry to the world that all children matter, no matter what.


My Story

I have my own individual story, and my own special pain
I am not a super hero; I have no fortune or any fame
I am a little boy, who never got the chance to pick my birth mother
If I knew she would do drugs, I would have surely picked another
My chances in the womb were labeled slim to none
Believe me it was difficult, it was not nine months of fun
My birth father was no better; he was addicted to drugs as well
Both were not able to keep me, it makes my eyes start to swell
I was adopted at birth and given away before I awoke
My adopted father had enough before I even spoke
I was now alone with my adoptive mother who gave it her all every day
Still I had so many unanswered questions what does anyone expect me to say?
My problems started at birth which caused hundreds of tears
From anger and aggression to communication with my family and with peers
I am now old enough to speak now; my life, an open book
I am so much more than my mental illness, please take a closer look





One Response to “Words from a Mother’s Heart…”

  1. Dawn Colclasure May 13, 2013 at 4:27 pm #

    It sounds like a good book. One that is definitely needed for parents who have special needs children. Love the poem.

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