Sparrow’s Release ….

27 Mar

On the GSP Fireflies today we welcome Shiloh Darke.


What to say about myself? Gee . . . I’m not sure. I’m a wife, a mother, and even a GRANDMOTHER . . . But call me MiMi!

I LOVE to tell stories! It is just about my favorite thing to do. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve LOVED a good romance.

But not just ANY romance. No way! I have to have adventure, excitement, danger, thrills and chills as well. What’s the point in just a regular old, PREDICTABLE romance? If I can tell halfway through the book what is going to happen, where’s the fun in that?

As if you can’t already tell, I love to read about as much as I love to write! I read romance, mystery, horror, fan fiction (Mostly Harry Potter or True Blood) and anything else that catches my eye.

I also write stories for younger readers age 14 and up; YA novels under the pen name of Rowan Shannigan. I’m working on my second novel in the first series I’ve started under that alias. Check it out at if you are interested. Same CRAZY kind of stories, just a little less intense. If you don’t try it, you don’t know what you’re missing!

I like movies, but I have to be in the mood for them. I’m sassy, stubborn, smart, silly and always wanting to know what people like or don’t like about my stories! If you follow my blog, comments are LOVED! Actually, to tell the truth… if you ever contact me with questions, worries, or any kind of thoughts on my stories, you can rest assured, I will answer you. It may take me a few days. Sometimes it might even be a week. But I will always send you a response. Frankly because I believe not  torespond is just RUDE! And my Momma taught me to be a Proper Southern Lady.

Okay, so now you know more about me . . . Now, let’s talk about you . . . What’s YOUR fantasy?


Her book wwe are highlighting today is Sparrow’s Release.


Sparrow is a street-smart, savvy cop. No . . . scratch that. She just made Detective. She’s strong, self-assured, and fairly satisfied with where she’s going in life. Her only sadness is the longing for family. But then, her life suddenly changes in the middle of the night when she gets unexpected company. She’s heard stories of Alien abductions. She gives in to it fairly easily. She’ll be back in bed by morning with no memory of it anyway, right?

Navar is a ruler of a world very similar to Earth. For some time now, he has been watching the women of his race die off unexpectedly or become barren. He is a just and fair King. He would never, under normal circumstances, take part in the trafficking of women from another world. But, his people are beginning to suffer and desperate times call for desperate measures.


Chapter One

Sparrow McBride woke to the sound of breaking glass. Jerking upright in the bed, she blinked a few times, trying to command her eyes to focus. She knew a few seconds of disoriented confusion. Someone was in her house. No sooner had the thought come than she heard yet another breakable thing shatter.

Her memories of another intruder breaking into her home when she was a child came to the forefront of her thoughts. Her father had run to protect them. Her mother had made her hide under their bed. She still slept with her parents and had no room of her own yet. Her brother, wanting to be tough, like dad, had followed him.

When the first shots were fired, Sparrow had covered her ears. The intruder had not wanted to steal anything. He just wanted to feel what it was like to kill someone. She had stayed where her mother had hidden her for hours after everything had gone silent. When she finally emerged, it was to find her entire family slaughtered at the hands of someone who had cared only about ending someone’s life.

The courts appointed her aunt as legal guardian. Sparrow lived with her until she finished high school and turned eighteen. Then she had started pursuing her plan of becoming a cop. She wanted to help do her part to keep that same horror that happened to her from happening to any other six-year-old child. Her aunt had died the year after she had graduated from the academy.

Not having a family was something that constantly bothered Sparrow. She was thirty now. Well past the age of Spinster, in some people’s opinions. She hated being alone, but she just hadn’t met the one. She knew in her heart he was out there . . . somewhere. Someday, he would rescue her from all the painful memories and give her a child and a life worth living; one where she wasn’t always alone.

The sound of still more breaking glass interrupted her thoughts, reminding her some jerk off was breaking into her house. She growled softly, “Not this time!” and hit the floor, pausing only long enough to grab the Heckler & Koch P2000 Compact Pistol out of her nightstand. Whoever was so insistent on robbing her better kiss his ball-sack goodbye, because he was going to lose his left nut if he broke one more thing. What idiot would enter the home of a cop in the middle of the night anyway? She eased down her stairs silently with a second’s smirk at the thought.

One would think the squad car parked in the drive would be a dead giveaway that whoever was the officer in the home was indeed currently occupying the residence. Of course, it was beginning to be a well-known fact—people were becoming dumber every year. Maybe the intruder thought the car was just there for curb appeal?

She paid no attention to her state of dress. It didn’t even bother her that she was about to take down a burglar, wearing nothing more than a wife-beater and a thong. Pressing herself against the wall at the foot of the stairs, she moved, silent as a panther readying to strike.

Although her name made people believe she was no more than a tiny sprite, Sparrow was a well-trained officer. She had gone into the police academy straight out of high school; had worked with the bomb squad for over three years. This last month, she had made Detective. The standard squad car was going to be replaced by her preferred personal choice next week. Then she wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb in her neighborhood any longer.

Slowly, she edged around the corner and looked at the reflection offered by the mirror, which just happened to be placed strategically to give her a view of the kitchen. It hung over the fireplace, but was big and offered her a revealing glimpse of both the entryway and the kitchen in just such an instance as this.

At first, she saw nothing. Then a large, skinny, naked gray man’s reflection became apparent as he stood staring back at her image in the mirror. She heard a series of clicks and pings, which the logical side of her brain told her had to be his language. However, her logical side was not the voice she was listening to. She shook her head in crazed denial at what her eyes were seeing . . . little gray men? Her mind couldn’t make sense of what she was witnessing.

She had come down here expecting some stupid member of the adolescent male species from the state of Texas, rummaging through her belongings in search of something he could pawn. Finding a skinny gray being with black eyes and no discernible mouth was not what she had bargained on. Not in a long shot!

Suddenly, her whole world changed when she watched a second being join the first. He had no mouth either, but he was bigger and more menacing. His face seemed to resemble something she had once seen on Star Wars, with flaps of flesh that pulled back from his head to fall loosely around the edges of his head; almost like a lion’s mane. It reminded her of someone who had Dreadlocks, but not with hair . . . Not! That was a continuation of his skin. As she watched, a series of clicks and pings began between the two. The bigger one looked from the gray one to her and lifted his left three-digit, stubby-fingered hand. Her mind issued the warning to run, but she could not make her body obey as she stared in silent fascination.

As the orb neared her, it seemed to grow, eliciting a squeak of shock from her as tentacles much like spider webs snaked out and wrapped around her. Her arms were immediately pinned to her sides and she fell, powerless to the floor.





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    Kidnapped by Alien Slavers and sold to a King who is desperate to save his people. Can Sparrow accept her new life and his love? Sparrow’s Release, an ADULT short story by Shiloh Darke. Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, other fine eBook vendors and Gypsy Shadow Publishing at:

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