A Twist of Luck…..

13 Mar


Today on the GSP Firefiles promo we welcome Olga Godim.


Olga is a freelance writer and journalist. Her articles appear regularly in local newspapers. Her short fiction credits include Lorelei Signal, Sorcerous Signals, Aoife’s Kiss, Silver Blade and other magazines.

OTHER: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/7438487-olga-godim


Her book that we are highlighting today is Twist of Luck.


Cranky octogenarian Agatha urges Nelly not to fly to her Caribbean vacation, but Nelly dismisses the old woman’s carping. When the next day, Nelly’s purse with all her documents and tickets is stolen and she can’t board the plane, she is furious. Did the old witch curse her after all?





The Caribbean Singles Cruise shimmered in Nelly’s head: the sun, the palms, the martinis. She could hardly wait till tomorrow. Folding the last shirt into her already stuffed suitcase, she pressed the lid down and pulled the zipper closed. Stubbornly, it cracked open. Drat! The miserable zipper was breaking. She had to redo it three times before she finally zipped it shut. Her matching carry-on, navy-blue with a pattern of gray waves, was already packed. Tomorrow morning, she would be gone for two weeks. Hooray!

When the phone rang, she grabbed the receiver and dropped into an armchair across from the mirror. She liked the reflection, liked the silvery-gray eyes and the smooth skin. Not bad for a thirty-year-old teacher, she thought smugly.

“Hi, Nelly. I need your help,” the phone said in her sister Clem’s voice.

“Hi, Clem. I’m leaving tomorrow.” Nelly smiled in the mirror.

“I know.” Clem sounded soothing. She was a head nurse at the retirement home, Five Birches. A soothing voice was in her job description. “I need an escort for Agatha. She wants to go shopping, and all my girls are busy. She asked for you.”

“That lesbian termagant? She wants to torment me. Again. And fondle my breasts.”

“She is old and disabled, and she adores you. Please, sis. It’s only for a couple of hours. You’ll have time to pack afterwards.”

Nelly sighed. “Yeah, she adores me. Sure. I’m packed already.” She could never say No to her sister.

“Lovely. Thanks.” Clem hung up.

An hour later, when Nelly stepped into the lobby of the nursing home, Agatha was waiting for her. She was already prepped for her shopping trip: her remaining white hair arranged in a neat coiffure, lipstick and rouge applied. A long string of pearls circled around her sagging, wrinkled neck in three uneven loops. She sat in her wheelchair regally, holding an ancient black umbrella in one hand and an equally old, threadbare purse, covered with frayed beaded embroidery, in another.

“You took your time, missy,” Agatha grumbled.

“Maybe we should buy you a new purse.” Nelly pushed the wheelchair into a minivan with the Five Birches logo.

“It was very expensive and chic,” Agatha said coldly.

“During the Second World War, no doubt.” Nelly snorted. She insulted the old shrew on purpose, because she knew Agatha enjoyed their bantering much more than the frightened cosseting she usually received from the staff. Agatha taunted everyone, but it seemed only Nelly fought back. So the contrary woman always asked for her.

“You don’t possess a fashion sense,” Agatha spat. “Not an iota. You wear these abhorrent sweatpants everywhere.” Her carmine lips twisted in disgust. She would’ve resembled a bloodthirsty vampire, but for her toothless gums.



Links: http://www.gypsyshadow.com/OlgaGodim.html#TwistExc





2 Responses to “A Twist of Luck…..”

  1. Sheila Deeth March 13, 2013 at 8:09 am #

    Ah, “but for her toothless gums”–very nice.

  2. chalaedra March 13, 2013 at 5:01 pm #

    Reblogged this on Chalaedra's Weblog and commented:
    When Nelly’s tickets are stolen and she can’t fly to her Caribbean vacation, she is furious. Did the cranky old witch Agatha curse her? Twist of Luck, a short story by Olga Godim. Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, other fine eBook vendors and Gypsy Shadow Publishing at: http://www.gypsyshadow.com/OlgaGodim.html#Twist

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