Worlds Divide…..

7 Mar


And today on the Fireflies GSP Promo, welcome Leslie Soule.


Leslie Soule is an author who likes to experiment within the fantasy genre. She is the author of the novel Fallenwood and she lives in Sacramento, California.

Learn more about Leslie:



Her book that we are highlighting today is Worlds Divide.


Long ago, the world known as Fallenwood—Terra Illumina, broke off from its sister planet in a cosmic light show of force and fury, starting a chain reaction that fueled the events of the novel, Fallenwood. With Worlds Divide, see how it all began!





Long ago, in a light show of force and fury, the world was split by cosmic lightning. The one world split in two, forming Terra Aristo and Terra Illumina. The agent of The Eternal, the force governing all creation, stirred the soup of the cosmos; the elemental mix blended into a beautiful concoction. The big chunks were orbs of hot gases; stars infused the mixture with life and heat. The tendrils of white that circled the orbs, thin as spider webs, were spirit cords, winding around the planets and infusing them with the stuff of life.

A large bubble of hot matter floated in the celestial broth, and The Eternal’s agent struck it, deeming it too large to exist as one entity, stirring with a lightning spoon.


The bolt ripped through the cosmos, pummeling through stars with the force of its linear trajectory. It hit the orb of celestial fire off-center, shearing a small chunk off the larger. A few souls screamed in agony as they were cut in half, one part now remaining on each of the two separate spheres. The halves re-melded into orbs; bubbles floating in the cosmos.

The larger orb, Terra Aristo, glowed much hotter than the other. It floated on, colliding with a much larger sphere of water. Half-submerged, Terra Aristo began to cool and the gases and elements formed liquid magma that glowed and steamed as it fought off the cooling influence of aqua vitae. Terra Aristo rotated and cooled further until a crust covered the surface. The heavier metals and elements began to settle in the planet’s core, sinking to the center. The water rapidly evaporated into steam. Now, the planet resembled a hard jawbreaker. The hand of The Eternal reached into the cosmic melting pot, scooping up the newly-formed planet, and The Eternal took a bite. The surface broke; cracks covered the little hard orb, fissures where molten magma seeped through. Plate tectonics was born.

It’s much too hot to eat. I’d better let it cool a while longer. The Head Chef of the universe came by and washed off the little gob and then gently placed it back in the stew, to float in a bubble of water. He glanced at the broth for a moment, certain that he saw something foul—maybe poisonous, black and peppery. When he rubbed his eyes and looked again, it was gone. Must have just been my imagination . . .







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    Experience Fallenwood from the very beginning, as you journey to the creation of Terra Illumina! Worlds Divide, a short story by Leslie Soule. Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, other fine eBook vendors and Gypsy Shadow Publishing at:

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