Jester’s Folly…..

2 Mar

New month, new GSP promo, Fireflies :). This month we are highlighting fantasy and modern fairytales written by our authors. Featuring their, covers, blurbs and excerpts. Choices brought to your computer.


First up is Aubrie Dionne, welcome Aubrie.


Aubrie Dionne is an author, flutist, and teacher in the New England Region. Her young adult fantasy novel, Dreams of Beauty, is published by SynergEbooks. Her work will be showcased in the fall issues of Niteblade and Silverblade magazines, Wyvern Publications Dragontales Anthology, and Nightbird Publishing’s Night Bird Singing in the Dead of Night Anthology. Her science fiction space opera, Nebula’s Music, was recently contracted by Lyrical Press and is coming out in 2010. Her short story collections are published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing.  Her pirate story will be published in Bedazzeld Ink’s Skulls and Crossbones anthology in January, 2010 and her short story, Song of the Bard, will be featured in Mindflights ezine in 2010. She currently teaches flute at Plymouth State University and a local community music school. 

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Her book we are highlighting today is Carnival of Illusions, Jester’s Folly.


As the most imaginative jester in the Masquerade Carnival, Mina has hidden her true identity for years. No one has seen her without her makeup, and so no one recognizes her from the media frenzy in her past. Her perfect façade is shattered one night when she fails to make a young man laugh during a show. He knows too much about her and is on to her charade. Will Mina be able to hide from her past forever?


  The Scar slowly disappeared underneath powdery layers of white makeup. Mina placed the white-tipped brush on her wardrobe and reached for the jar of black ink. Methodically, she traced over the irregular lines of her disfigurement, making twirly eyebrows above her large blue-green eyes. Red came next, the filmy paint contained in an old jelly jar splotched on each cheek with a bristle pad.
    Mina sat back and examined her expertly constructed façade. A stranger stared back at her in the mirror’s shady light, an alter ego that made up for what her real persona lacked. Her identity concealed, she broke free of her tent and ventured out into the circus world.
    The show started precisely at sundown but Mina riled up the crowd before the formal display. She frightened them, one at a time, as she ran down the length of the aisle, popping in and out of their faces like an explosive balloon.
As she learned the hard way, fear and laughter ran hand-in-hand. Sometimes she had to scare the wits out of people to get them to feel again, to drive away their troubles and elicit a rare smile. If she couldn’t make herself laugh again, she might as well attempt to lighten the hearts of those around her in the world.
    Mina sneaked between two yuppies dressed in designer cargo pants. She shot up into their faces, staring them down with her luminescent eyes. They shrieked in delight, the pony-tailed woman burying her face into her husband’s broad chest. By the time the crowd had turned around, she was off again, set loose on the fly, searching out another victim.
    The jester came up beside a goth girl, dressed in fishnets with black lipstick and spiked, red hair. She wasn’t so tough when confronted by another mask of a face. Mina threw her off guard by sticking her white face into the goth girl’s tan one, flashing her ever brilliant and penetrating gaze. The girl jumped and covered her face with tattered gloves, her body shaking from laughter.
    Throwing confetti from her fingertips, Mina pranced over to the row of children in the front. She jumped and somersaulted in front of them, her black and red jumpsuit glittering in the strobe light. They hollered and held out their hands to touch the clown that came so close, yet left them wanting more. She brandished fake roses from her sleeve and handed a blossom to reaching hands before leaping onto the stage.
    Now she had their attention, an alertness born of fear mixed with awe. Pretending to fall, she flipped backward and landed on one arm and one leg. The crowd clapped and giggled, watching ever so closely, yet seeing nothing of her true nature, the woman beyond the paint and glitter. If only they knew her true self, they wouldn’t be laughing at all.
    She stepped on a trigger in the floor and balloons wafted from the platform beneath her feet to rise around her like eager souls seeking heaven. She took out a pin and burst each one, dancing on tippy toe to delight the crowd.
    Mina surveyed her followers and froze. Everyone laughed except one man seated at the far back, arms crossed on his chest, a morose heaviness tainting his eyes. Something called to her from a distant memory, but the glare of the lights and the smoky stage obscured her vision. Why wasn’t he laughing? Mina’s heart jumped. Could he see through her fragile deception? Did he know who she truly was?  



3 Responses to “Jester’s Folly…..”

  1. chalaedra March 2, 2013 at 5:47 pm #

    Reblogged this on Chalaedra's Weblog and commented:
    Third in the Carnival of Illusions series by Aubrie Dionne. A modern fairytale romance story.

  2. Dawn Colclasure March 2, 2013 at 7:37 pm #

    Very interesting! That last part caught me by surprise. 🙂

  3. Sheila Deeth March 3, 2013 at 2:32 am #

    I’ve not read this series yet. Sounds intriguing.

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