The Birth of Races….

8 Feb

The GSP Romance Promo welcomes Katalin Nagy.


I was born in Budapest Hungary. I left Hungary when I was 23 and came to Australia as a refugee. Learning English and being a mother took up much of my time. Eventually I completed a Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine and now for the last eight years I’ve practiced as a naturopath and nutritionist. I am married with a very supporting husband and an adult son. I have two beautiful oriental cats spoiled by the whole family.

Her book that we are highlighting on this post is The Birth of Races Image


Many centuries in the past, a fraction of humanity left the Solar System to settle in their new home forming a united empire, the Federation. The accidental finding, by Firl and his friends, of an alien digging on one of the Federation settlements, led to the discovery of altered human genetic material in a number of people visiting the site.

Soon Federation is torn apart by political and personal turmoil caused by the friction arising between the affected and the non-affected. The affected split to form the Elites, eager to find out about their alien heritage and the Morphiks, keen to embark on their own evolution. Eventually Federation breaks up and in its place three separate empires form populated by the three races.




Chapter One

“You should be ashamed of yourself, Captain—Getting drunk with the crew!”

Firl pushed his face just far enough from under the covers to squint at Veta, standing opposite his bed, watching him with a prim expression on her pretty face. Assigned Chief Health Authority to the ferry convoy, she was a stickler for rules; and in his and the crew’s opinion, in need of some special male attention.

“What are you doing here?” Clearing his throat and running a thick tongue around his teeth, he sat up, making no effort to cover his body. He pressed his hands to his throbbing temples, grimacing with pain.

“I am making sure personally that I interpreted your readings correctly. They indicate you are in pain. Do you have a headache, Captain?”

Firl squinted at her between his hands. “Go away, Veta,” he said, rising unsteadily and waving a waiting servbo aside, heading to the bathroom. The squat servbo skimmed after him, settling near the bathroom entrance, ready when needed.

Confused at the sudden feelings the sight of his body caused, Veta quickly left the room without further comment, wishing the doors were conventional. She felt like slamming something.

The convoy of four freighters carried supplies and equipment, and delivered merchandise between Federation Settlements and the outer colonies. Garry Hablock, the Federation-appointed inspector, contracted to investigate the routine renewal of Seven Belts and Halem Company’s mining license, was accompanying them to C-3. The inspector often travelled the route with Firl’s convoy and was well known to Firl.

Firl grabbed a chance to have some coffee, before meeting Veta and the inspector near a shuttle bay.

A jovial and fleshy man, Garry sought out whatever entertainment he could on the normally monotonous trip. Discovering Veta, a recent addition to the crew, provided all the distraction he needed on this trip. He stood a few steps away from Veta, openly admiring her figure. Seeing Firl, he winked, angling his head in Veta’s direction.

Any other time, Firl would have found his candid appraisal of Veta amusing. Right then, however, he was too hungover to care. He strolled past and the two of them trailed him into the waiting shuttle.

Veta strapped in near Firl, pushing her harness clips into place with unnecessary force. Irritably, she waved away a servbo gliding over to check on her. The inspector strapped in next to Veta, still gawking at her, oblivious to her frustration. “Captain, you will be suspended if you continue this behavior,” she said, energetically readjusting her straps. She turned to glare at the man seated beside her. “Inspector, if you don’t mind, stop staring at my breasts.”

Smiling pleasantly, the inspector looked up into her face. “I’m sorry, my dear, I didn’t mean to offend you. It’s just they are hard to avoid.”

Veta’s head snapped around to Firl, who was snorting, then said, “You must admit that was funny.”

“I am sorry you find it amusing, Captain.”

“You take yourself too seriously, Doctor.”

“The health and safety of the crew are my responsibility. You’re endangering both.”

Officially, Firl’s was the higher title, but he couldn’t pull rank over Veta. She reported directly to the company and the Federation authorities.

“Lighten up, Doc. We had a little fun last night. That’s all.” He turned his head carefully toward her and, seeing her tight lips, he could not help but add, “You should have been there. You know how much we all appreciate you.”

He heard a snigger from the inspector that stopped suddenly when Veta’s head snapped back in his direction. Personally, he was thankful for the ensuing silence; and a short time later they settled at the port on C-3.

“Here we are.” Firl unstrapped himself. “I’ll meet you back here in a few days, Doc,” he said to Veta. “Inspector, follow me please.”

Veta scowled at him and then at the inspector, who was again ogling her breasts.

Firl mentally shrugged. The inspector was a pig, but Veta’s curvaceous body invited attention. Her physical appearance was totally at odds with her prudish attitude—but he didn’t want to think about her now. His head still throbbed.

“Inspector, this way,” he called, leading him to a waiting dock-cab and stating the destination as the Department of Company and the Federation Relations. He held the door open. “They will look after you, as usual. We will see you again at departure.” And since the man seemed reluctant, he gave him a light shove, shutting the vehicle door almost on his heel.

Finally alone, Firl looked around. The artificial sun glared down from the sky of the dome of C-3; the traffic appeared thinner than normal. The darkened glass panels of empty offices surrounded the building of Port Administration. When he stepped into Marten’s office, the other man interrupted a consultation to greet him. Firl flinched when Marten stepped up to him and slapped him on the back affectionately.

“Good to see you, Firl,” he said.

“It’s good to see you, too.” Firl sank into one of the seats in the room.

Marten signalled a servbo to bring some refreshments, offering Firl a glass of clear, yellow liquid.

“Sit and relax for a while. I won’t be long. Some assholes just don’t understand deadlines,” he muttered, turning back to his desk.

Grateful, Firl sat, idly listening to Marten. They had been friends since Marten took Firl under his wing during the younger man’s maiden journey. Both Firl and Lara worked under Marten’s Captaincy at the time, but after Marten and Lara partnered, they took a position on C-3, just opened for mining. That was twelve years ago





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  1. Dawn Colclasure February 9, 2013 at 8:19 pm #

    Love sci-fi stories. Thanks for sharing this one. 🙂


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