Georgia’s Smile……

4 Feb


The GSP Romance Promo welcomes Lee-Ann Graff Vinson. This is what Lee-Ann says about herself.


  Thirty-nine years and two children later, my life finally came back to my passion—writing. Every author knows it is passion, perseverance and a thick skin that breeds success. Hell, that is what breeds success in every walk of life. Success to me is the completion of a rather good piece of writing, if I do say so myself. Luck is the ability to have it published for everyone else to read.
     So, to hurry along my passion of becoming successfully lucky, I entered into the Winghill School of Writing, joined various writing groups, and follow diligently the advice Writer’s Digest sends to my email box almost daily. It is safe to say that the pipe dream of becoming a professional writer is no longer just that. I have worked in various fields in my life, some fulfilling, some not. But, as you know, a career is not what makes you. It is the full aspect of family, friends, loved ones and work that give you your joy or edge. All gave me insight into the way in which the world, and the people in it, revolve. Now that I am, dare I say, older, I am able to look at these “experiences” and channel them into a therapy like no other—writing.
     Life is full of mysterious, romantic, hurtful, joyous, painful encounters. What would the world be without its pain and suffering or its ecstatic happiness? Real life occurrences are what make us who we are. They also make up the majority of my writing style. I can create fantasy and spiritual as well. Let’s face it, life without a little fantasy now and then can seem quite daunting, and we are all spiritual creatures, whether we like it or not. What intrigues me most is the ability of the human mind and heart to overcome.
So, here I sit in my suburban home office, watching all the trials and tribulations of life, and living some of them, forever in hope of creating the next best-seller. Until then, I am enjoying all the bumps and rejections I receive along this journey and am a firm believer in “what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.”

Her book we are highlighting today is Georgia’s Smile.


Georgia parked in front of the flower shop where she worked. Her eye throbbed behind her dark sunglasses. She knew she had to leave her husband, Philip, but after last night’s threat of what would happen if she did, she was even more scared to go. Little did Georgia know that when she opened her car door to go to work that morning, she would run into the man who was willing to change all of that.

Marc Ramos was a man, a very handsome, but married, man. A man who made Georgia’s heart beat again after years of neglect. His mere touch sent chills through her body and took her breath away. Never before had Georgia felt such passion for a man, and definitely not a man she had almost brought to his knees with her car door.







On Tuesday morning, Georgia Robinson drove her usual route to her job at the floral shop. One eye was almost swollen shut behind her dark sunglasses, making it difficult for her to see the road. She came to an abrupt stop at a red light and watched as a young couple crossed the street in front of her. They were holding hands and laughing as they walked, as if to a single melodic beat. Georgia startled at the sound of a car horn honking behind her. She looked at the now green light and stepped on the gas.
    Her life was not going the way she had intended. At thirty-six, Georgia sold bouquets to men and women wanting to surprise their loved ones. Her dream of university after high school and becoming a lawyer ended when her father died and she’d gone to work to help her mother pay the bills.
    She met Philip the day after she turned nineteen. He had entered the flower shop and asked Georgia to give him the biggest and best bouquet of flowers she could create and send them to his mother for her birthday. When he came back to the shop the following day to ask her out on a date, she thought her struggle had finally ended. The day she brought him home to meet her mother, Philip told her she would marry him someday. He was handsome in a Phi Beta Kappa sort of way and worked at his father’s investment banking firm handling the investment loans department. He was successful and four years her senior; he looked out for her.
    When Georgia’s mother passed away from alcohol abuse three years later, Philip proposed to her while standing at her mother’s bedside. Two weeks later, at city hall, Georgia stood beside Philip and exchanged vows. He moved into Georgia’s childhood home and assumed the mortgage, making changes to the décor here and there as he saw fit. Georgia didn’t mind because she thought she would finally be able to go back to school to fulfill her dream. Philip would take care of her now.
    Stopped at another light, Georgia almost choked on the memory. The only person Philip took care of was himself. When Georgia had asked Philip if she could go back to school to become a lawyer, Philip made a guffaw sound first and then, when he saw she was serious, he let out a giggle that turned into a riotous laugh. In between fits, he told her no one as stupid as her would ever make it in the world of law. You needed intelligence, you needed animal instincts, and you needed a backbone. All of which, Philip informed her, she didn’t have.
   Georgia tried to end her marriage to Philip shortly after his degrading verbal attack. That was when the first beating occurred. The backhand was unexpected and hit her square on the jaw. Now the violence was a regular occurrence. Typically, the marks were in areas that could be covered up but last night’s warring had left Georgia with a large shiner to her left eye, one she knew her boss, Natalie, would hit the roof over.
   Georgia pulled into her parking spot and sat with the engine idling, staring ahead into the window of the flower shop. Her eyes scanned the jargon below the business name ‘Petunia’s Flower Shop. If she was good enough for Porky, she’s good enough for you’. Georgia reread the words and stopped on the phrase ‘good enough’.
    “That is something I will never be if I stay with you, Philip,” Georgia said aloud. She let out a heavy sigh, shut off her vehicle and swung her door open.
    “Whoa!” said a masculine voice in alarm. Georgia looked up and saw she had almost knocked over a man. On closer inspection, she noticed he was a very attractive man and he was smiling down at her.
    “Oh, I am so sorry!” Georgia said. “Are you alright?” From behind the protection of her sunglasses, Georgia looked into the stranger’s eyes and felt a slight buzz shoot through her body. Her chest felt funny and then she realized it was the pounding of her heart.




3 Responses to “Georgia’s Smile……”

  1. Sheila Deeth February 5, 2013 at 7:20 am #

    I like the passion to be successfully lucky 🙂

  2. Dawn Colclasure February 6, 2013 at 8:07 pm #

    Love the title, cover and how the story sounds. Very nice! 🙂


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