The Adventures of Ri Ra….

7 Dec

Today we welcome John C Elliot to the GSP Christmas Promo.

Dr. Elliott worked for the U.S. State Department from 1966 to 2008, conducting international operations, and concurrently for Mossad in Israel from 1985 to 2010. While engaged with his work, he has been shot on four separate occasions, stabbed three different times, run down by automobiles twice and blown up twice. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, an MBA and a Juris Doctorate degree. He is a public and motivational speaker and conducts safety and crime-avoidance seminars nationwide. He is fluent in English, Gaelic, Hebrew and Hungarian, and can speak conversationally in Italian and French. He’s an on-air contributor for the BBC in London and in Belfast, Northern Ireland. He is also an editorial writer and the author of eleven books, with several more on the way. His first book was penned aboard a charter flight across the Pacific Ocean in 1969. By the time he reached Travis Air Force Base in California, it was complete.

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His book that we are highlighting today is The Adventures of Ri Ra.
The story takes place in rural Maine when a mean old farmer takes two wonderful Maine Coon cats, George and Martha, into captivity. They’re thrown into a cold and dark barn and ordered to kill mice. Martha gives birth to a kitten they name Ri Ra. Ri Ra is a Scottish Gaelic name for “King of the Roar.” The story revolves around the adventures Ri Ra and his parents have as they plan a daring escape. During their adventures they meet lots of other animals, and before long they’re joined by all their newfound friends as they journey back home.


George and Martha, a pair of Maine Coon cats, had been together for years and years when they were adopted by the mean old farmer, Quigley McBride. McBride had a farm with lots of cows and a few pesky hound dogs. McBride had other animals at his farm. He had mice, hundreds of mice! And McBride decided he needed some cats to get rid of all those mice.


Three months earlier, long before old McBride got his hands on George and Martha, their wonderful owner, Mrs. Rosemarie Connolly, who was really quite elderly, became very ill.

She was so ill in fact, that she was no longer able to properly take care of George and Martha. She wanted her cats to be well taken care of so, with a broken heart, she decided to put George and Martha up for adoption. McBride heard about the two cats, so he drove his rusty old pickup truck to Mrs. Connelly’s house right away. He soon arrived at the front door and, using the heavy breast door knocker, knocked four times very loudly, bang, bang, bang, bang!

The sound of the knocking echoed throughout the cottage. With a startled look on her face, Mrs. Connelly turned to her two beloved cats, and said, “Who on earth do you suppose that is?” George and Martha looked at each other. They were frightened by the loud knocking. Mrs. Connelly pulled aside the heavy draft curtain that kept the cold winter air out, and opened the door. McBride was so large that he nearly blocked the view to the outside. “Can I help you?” she asked, while looking up at him.

“I’m Quigley McBride,” he replied in a loud, gruff voice, “and I heard you had a couple of cats you want to give away.”

Mrs. Connelly became upset. “I certainly do not want to give my cats away,” she replied, “but I’m afraid that I’ve become quite ill, and can no longer care for them. They will need a good, loving home.”

“Well, I have a good and loving home,” lied McBride, “and they’ll be well taken care of on my farm.” Mrs. Connelly was suspicious of McBride, but he did promise to give George and Martha lots of food and milk, and a warm place to sleep. They talked for a few minutes and, with tears in her eyes, Mrs. Connelly finally, reluctantly, agreed to allow McBride to take her two cats.

George and Martha were trying to hide behind the couch in the parlor, but McBride quickly scooped them up. He carried them to the door before Mrs. Connelly changed her mind. He practically ran to his pickup truck and sped away. Mrs. Connelly didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye to her two wonderful cats.

McBride’s pickup truck sped quickly over the old stone bridge that spanned the small river at the entrance to Mrs. Connelly’s property. The bridge was missing several large stones, and was in desperate need of repair. George and Martha stared out of the back window of the truck. They saw the old stone bridge and, in the distance, Mrs. Connelly’s wonderful country cottage with its brick chimney and hundreds and hundreds of flowers all around, was receding from view. She stood on her front porch and began to cry. “Wait!” she cried, “I made a mistake! Bring my cats back!” But McBride was quickly driving away down the bumpy road, and was soon out of sight.

“Oh my goodness, George!” sobbed Martha, “what’s going on?”

“I don’t know,” replied George, “but I think we’re being kidnapped!”

“Be quiet, you two mangy cats!” yelled McBride, “stop your meowing!”

Martha was in a state of panic, and began to cry out loud. George tried to calm her down. “It’s all right honey,” he said, “I’ll think of something.”

“I told you two cats to stop the meowing!” yelled McBride even louder this time, “and I won’t tell you again!”

George and Martha fell silent, and were so frightened they were actually shaking. They held on to each other for comfort. After a while, McBride drove his old pickup truck off of the roadway and onto the dirt driveway that led to his farm. It was a smelly place with a dilapidated farmhouse, and a dirty old barn which was home to several cows. Three hound dogs were lying in the grass in front of the house. When they saw George and Martha, they ran to the pickup truck, barking and growling. One of the dogs stood on his hind legs and glared at the cats through the window. “Oh, George,” sobbed Martha, “are they going to eat us?” George held Martha tightly.

McBride grabbed the two cats by the scruff of the neck and marched them to the barn. The three dogs ran after him, and were jumping up and down trying to bite poor George and Martha. The mean old farmer kicked open the barn door and threw the cats inside. Luckily, they landed on some hay and were uninjured. “This is where you two will be sleeping from now on,” snarled McBride, “and if you want anything to eat, you better start killing the mice! Besides, you’re fat enough,” he said, while looking down at Martha, “you won’t need anything to eat for quite a while.” It was pitch black inside the barn, and it was damp and getting very cold. McBride turned on his heels, then walked back outside and slammed the door shut.



3 Responses to “The Adventures of Ri Ra….”

  1. Dawn Colclasure December 10, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    That farmer sounds like a real meanie! I hope these cats have a happy ending to their story.

  2. Sheila Deeth December 13, 2012 at 8:41 am #

    Oh, this sounds a cool tale. How natural that they’d feel they were being kidnapped (or is it catnapped?)


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